What is Good instead of Pop?


There are many drinks that people would argue are the best substitute for soda. However, it is actually hard to choose just one. So many people like different drinks and it is a matter of taste.

However, with that said, sparkling juice is usually the best substitute for soda in most people’s eyes. The sparkling juice is healthier than pop because it has vitamins. It also has carbon dioxide so it has that bubbly texture that soda drinkers like.

There are many ways that this juice can be jazzed up. They can be added to alcohol to make delicious cocktails. People who drink them know that they are at least getting the health benefits from the fruit.

Also, for those who need less sugar, naturally fruit flavored soda without any sugar added can be delicious. Some might contain stevia for added sweetness. The best substitute for soda generally though still has bubbles.